Out-of-Control IRS MUST BE SHUT DOWN and


Obamacare for now is rolling on like a juggernaut. And what cannot be denied is that its implementation calls for some 17,000 new IRS "enforcement officers" to audit the American people and impose the new taxes and mandates compelled under the so-called Affordable Care Act.

Despite the Obamacare train wreck, and regardless of mounting evidence to the contrary in the IRS Tea Party scandal, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney recently stated that Obama wants the public to "understand and believe that the IRS applies our tax laws in a neutral and fair way to everyone."

Fat chance.

That play for plausible deniability and willful ignorance on behalf of Obama is exactly what the Obama administration is expecting from the American people – that like blind, trusting, ignorant sheep, we will continue surrendering our privacy and handing over our hard-earned money to a tyrannical and corrupt tax system that is incompatible with liberty, to fuel Barack Obama's "fundamental transformation of America."

In the throes of the IRS Exempt Organizations scandal, Obama and his lawless administration have had to more or less admit that since at least 2011, more than 500 conservative groups have been victims of the IRS jackboots and the Obama campaign strategists. Tea Party, patriot, pro-life, pro-Israel, pro-Constitution – anything in opposition to the Obama regime was fair game, and many have been the victims of IRS felony violations of law, including the political leaking of their confidential donor data and other sensitive information.

We now know the roll-out IRS "admission" of "mistakes" was the tissue of lies we said it was: that it was not just low-level IRS employees in Cincinnati, that the wrongdoing was not just isolated to a single cohort of Tea Partiers, that political appointees and higher-ups were involved. The trail of Marxist thuggery, filth, and corruption ranged from California all the way to Washington, DC, and those low-level employees have since turned on their superiors, saying they were just following orders...

Barack Obama pretended in a big announcement to oust the already scheduled-to-depart acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller as a show of doing something to contain the cesspool of corruption and abuse of power in his administration amidst the IRS scandal, Benghazi, and the AP wiretapping.

And then it broke publicly that Miller was leaving in June anyway – a decision made before the scandal even hit the headlines. And then Lois Lerner, who had Obama's "full confidence," pled 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. OBAMA IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR EVEN ABOUT HIS OWN LIES.

And TODAY we face the onslaught of 17,000 NEW Obamacare IRS "Enforcement Officers." Right now, today, getting this country back on track requires that the sovereign People take the legislative initiative into our own hands.

Congress has time and time again proven itself ineffective and unwilling to act UNTIL WE LEAVE THEM NO CHOICE!

Right now, with these latest scandals, we know that our only options to restore liberty are to demand Congress move toward fundamental tax reform that DISSOVLE the malign and abusive power of the IRS!

It's time to stop the IRS

You see, this oppressive tax collection behemoth, created through the questionable passage of the 16th amendment 100 years ago, has amassed to itself virtual totalitarian powers over the American people, including YOU.

And with the advent of Obamacare, it's only getting worse.

Today the IRS can, at the time of its choosing, confiscate everything you own without ever actually having to prove in court that you are indeed guilty of owing the taxes they claim. This, my friend, is a clear and dangerous violation of the 4th through 8th and 14th amendments of the United States Constitution!

What's more, as recent history proves, Obama's partisan thugs at the IRS can target you and your family for your political or religious views. If the Obama left remains unchecked they will inevitably deploy the IRS to confiscate bank accounts, car, furnishings, and even homes of political opponents … and then put us behind bars. The opprobrium with which terms like "tax cheat" and "the one percent" are being thrown around and the shrillness in the calls for "pay your fair share" for exorbitant Obamacare policies tells us what is in store…

And once you become a target of the Obama-run IRS, no court in America can help you. You are at the mercy of politically motivated tax courts created to "oversee" the IRS but which, in reality, already rubber stamp almost all the agency's outrageous and illegal actions.

The net cast by Obama's storm troopers at the IRS is wide indeed …

  • If you're a Christian, you're a target.
  • If you're a conservative, you're a target.
  • If you favor limited government spending, you're a target.
  • If you fly a "Don't Tread on Me" flag, you're a target.
  • If you're pro-life, you're a target.
  • If you attend a Tea Party rally, you're a target.
  • If you oppose Obamacare, you're a target.
  • If you stand up for the Second Amendment, you're a target.
  • In fact, if you believe in the U.S. Constitution at all, you're a target!

And the list goes on. Obama and his sycophantic minions, with the aid of other powerful government agencies like the National Security Agency (NSA), have put together a huge database of political opponents – including patriots like us – that they want to silence … in any way possible.

My friend, it's vitally important that you fully understand the threat to American freedom posed by the IRS, how it can totally destroy lives in the blink of an eye. And it's also absolutely vital that you join American United for Freedom and me in our campaign to stop the IRS juggernaut once and for all … by repealing the 16th amendment and abolishing the income tax.

We MUST advance legislative initiatives to: 1) Abolish the IRS; 2) Arrest enforcement of the 16th Amendment (suspend enforcement) authorizing the federal income tax while the States work to repeal it and 3) Institute the FairTax.

THIS IS OUR ONLY OPTION given the manner in which the IRS has just utterly disqualified itself of any remnant of the People's trust in even its ability to remain within the confines of positive law – however unconstitutional and incompatible with freedom.

And let's not forget, unless we move swiftly in defense of liberty, we have mere MONTHS until Obama and his criminal governing faction officially FLOOD our private affairs with thousands of new IRS thugs in charge of enforcing our healthcare "compliance"!

Will conservatives, Constitutionalists, patriots, Tea Partiers also all be singled out for referral to the Death Panels in retaliation for their political opposition to Obama? Will all of their "confidential" medical data be available to the IRS thugs for leaking to Obama faction apparatchiks, as were their tax records?

It sounds radical to rid ourselves of this rogue agency and the odious income tax, but it is what our Founders envisioned!

The vast majority of us don't remember America free of an income tax – but 100 years ago this year, America was still as the Founders conceived her respecting our material liberty…

We were free to EARN and KEEP OUR MONEY. ALL OF IT.

Pre-1913, our only tax obligation was on goods when we purchased them, or levies at the State and local levels – not vast expropriations of our wages and wealth by out-of-town, out-of-touch politicians with seemingly endless power to tax us to death thanks to the 16th Amendment, while burgeoning budgets and selfish spending run amok, year upon year upon year.

MAKE NO MISTAKE: Abolishing the IRS and getting citizens instead of Washington back in control of their material assets is the ONLY possible resolution for halting the abuses that will continue to arise in the jackbooted and UNCONSTITUTIONAL "authority" of the Internal Revenue Service.

The Founders believed in "direct or internal taxation" on domestic goods and services and tariffs on international trade – and warned severely against ANY taxation upon income and assets! Their reasons are playing out in our news headlines today…

The authoritarian and intrusive power of the IRS is inherently INCOMPATIBLE WITH LIBERTY.

The income tax regime and the IRS bureaucracy required to enforce it represent a major arm establishing an intensified, unconstrained tyranny over the People of the United States, and under Obama are ushering in Marxist control of our entire economy.

The income tax is a form of taxation that was advocated by Marx & Lenin because it cedes, in principle, to the government control of every dollar that is earned in the economy.

Our politicians right here in this Republic talk as if money belongs to the government unless we prove otherwise; unless they choose to decide we merit a "refund" or a "credit"…

As I've asked before, if I give you a percentage of my income and you get to determine the percentage, how much of my money do you control?

Answer: All of it!

This country was not founded with an income tax.

The Founders didn't want government dipping into our pocket to spend our money before we had a chance to say anything about it.

Tyrannical taxation, and excessive government spending and borrowing, are not only threats to our economy – they erode the resource base of our freedom and our moral responsibility.

The truth is, the income tax is a twentieth-century socialist experiment that has failed. Before the income tax was imposed on us in 1913, government had no claim to our income. Only sales, excise, and tariff taxes were allowed. We need to return to the Constitution of economic liberty that our Founders intended to be a permanent bulwark of our political liberty.

The income tax in effect makes us vassals of the government – the politicians decide how much income we can keep; then they decide who gets what we earned! No mere "reform" of this slave tax, such as flattening the rate, can correct its fundamental unjust denial of control over our own money.

Only the abolition of the income tax will restore the basic American principle that our income is both our own money and our own private business – not the government's to play political monopoly with.

Replacing the income tax with a national sales tax like the FairTax would rejuvenate independence and responsibility in our citizens. True economic liberty and moral revival go hand in hand.

A national sales tax would also put the American citizen back in control of fiscal policy. The best way to curtail government spending is to cut taxes, because if we also exercise fiscal discipline with a balanced budget, they can't spend what they don't get. With a sales tax, we could deny funds to a spendthrift government – and give ourselves a tax cut – whenever we make the private choice to alter our spending and saving habits. But we must also take away the government's credit card.

With limits on both tax revenue and borrowing, the federal government would finally be forced to get serious about spending cuts. That's why a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, with barriers to both borrowing and spending, is the best way to secure budget discipline. Abolishing the IRS and limiting tax revenue to what WE THE PEOPLE see fit is the first step!

People often ask, what about the flat tax?

A flat tax, an across the board tax rate reduction, might be better, for a time, than the mess we suffer under now, but is merely a distraction from abolishing the income tax – and it is NOT a permanent solution to the monstrous IRS. The flat tax seeks to make the income tax "more fair" if you will when the problem isn't a lack of "fairness" – it's a lack of freedom! GOVERNMENT HAS NO RIGHTFUL CLAIM UPON THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR! Simply making the chains of the hardest working and the most determined individuals in America equal in weight to everyone else's slave chains is NOT freedom. REMOVING the chains for us all IS!

So, how do you abolish the IRS if you don't get rid of the income tax?

You don't.

Excise taxes, like the FairTax, also allow citizens to control tax rates themselves.
That's another reason why the income tax should be replaced with an excise tax, a consumption tax. It's not a VAT – or Value Added Tax – when a new tax is levied at each stage of production and passed onto the consumer. The good or service is taxed ONCE at the point of sale, period!

We will control our own tax burden by controlling the amount and pattern of our consumption. If we decide that we want to save a dollar or invest it, we won't be taxed. An excise tax system would mean that each citizen would decide what his tax burden was going to be, as the result of decisions to purchase taxed items in the open market. This is what the Founders intended: ordinary citizens in full control of the economic patterns of their own lives.

That is what we need to be fighting for – and the FairTax, with strong support already on Capitol Hill, is just that…

In 1999, during the GOP Debate in Phoenix, Arizona, my fellow Republican candidate Steve Forbes extolled the simplicity of the flat tax as its virtue, that "you can do it on a single page since it's simple. You don't need a hundred and ten thousand agents to do it. You just need a handful to take in the paper, make sure the checks are attached, that they clear it and the job is done."

The FairTax is even more simple and even more "fair."

The IRS, along with its "guilty until proven innocent" compulsion upon citizens to surrender their privacy and confidentiality to ethically compromised apparatchiks; its political corruption, bureaucratic compliance jackboots and enforcement thuggery; its maze of redundant and obscure rules, regulations, laws, and forms; and its hostile and intrusive audits ALL become utterly superfluous as retailers will collect the FairTax just as they do now with state and local sales tax – to remit the FairTax revenue to the U.S. Treasury. Even better, however, retailers and states will be PAID A FEE FOR THEIR COLLECTION SERVICES!

People won't have to beg their politicians for tax cuts or at least no tax hikes. They can simply change their pattern of consumption… and "prebates" (see below) are only for LEGAL residents!

Wouldn't that be nice for a "change"?


According to the official FairTax website:

The FairTax is a national sales tax that treats every person equally and allows American businesses to thrive, while generating the same tax revenue as the current four-million-word-plus tax code. Under the FairTax, every person living in the United States pays a sales tax on purchases of new goods and services, excluding necessities due to the prebate. The FairTax rate after necessities is 23% and equal to the lowest current income tax bracket (15%) combined with employee payroll taxes (7.65%), both of which will be eliminated.

And there is even a gap year in taxes the year the FairTax goes into effect!

Can you imagine THAT savings – what that would mean for your household? Can you imagine the greater self-reliance and reduced dependence on a government handout or bailout?

The Obama radicals' Marxist agenda would be stopped in its tracks WHILE putting Social Security and Medicare on more solid footing! And Obamacare would have NO foot soldiers to coerce and compel our complicity in destroying our American healthcare system!

Now, as for the 23% tax on goods and services – it may sound high, BUT it is roughly equivalent to the amount of passed down income taxes YOU ARE ALREADY PAYING! If the producers stop paying taxes, they will be obligated by the FREE MARKET to lower prices by that equivalent to accommodate the FairTax or else be beaten by their competition charging less! It is current income and payroll taxes that keep the prices of our groceries and goods artificially high!

But still America at large is under the impression that come tax time, our "refunds" are just bonuses from a kindly Uncle Sam. Under the yoke of the confiscatory regime of the IRS and the income tax for so many years, too many Americans NO LONGER REMEMBER that it was their money to begin with or think about how much the government has taken from them or somebody else to pay for their "fair" share…

A lot of existing opposition to the FairTax is either NOT understanding it ("it hangs the poor out to dry") or in some cases understanding it ("it doesn't hang the poor out to dry so now I can't buy them politically with my pork-laden promises, or demand fealty from workers in exchange for freebies or not raising tax rates")!

Abolishing the IRS, arresting the 16th Amendment with binding legislation while we get repeal fully ratified in the States, and instituting ONLY the FairTax to fund the federal government is exactly what America needs to get our economic engines going and get us back to work!

The FairTax is the "fundamental change" that America needs but it is just the kind that Barack Hussein Obama and his tax-and-spend Democrats – and even some establishment RINOs – do NOT WANT! They are comfortable with the way things are, with how a corrupt and dysfunctional Washington is staggering into Marxism while you and I work harder and harder for less and less!

The "soak the rich" schemes will NOT STOP just because the IRS is reprimanded in public. They will be getting pats on the back and bonuses in private as America becomes more socialist by the day until the "fundamental transformation" is complete and our United States is an authentically Marxist regime.

So, while Barack Hussein Obama tries to LIE his way out of the IRS scandal, WE HAVE A SOLUTION to ensure that vicious IRS thuggery is never again unleashed on the American people. With Obamacare looming right around the corner, and STILL not repealed, this is a HUGE priority!

1. Abolish the IRS.

2. Repeal AND Arrest the 16th Amendment.

3. Pass the FairTax.

That's what we must DEMAND Congress start action on TODAY. It is DOABLE. They can browbeat Obama and his administration all they want for the IRS wrongdoings – and we will push with every ounce of our being for impeachment, but we all know that the principle and logic of the IRS is abusive and corrupt; it is inherently tyrannical. The power to tax is the power to destroy, and the CONFIDENTIAL information we are compelled to surrender to the Feds to have our livelihoods taxed is self-incriminating and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. These recently exposed IRS abuses will only happen again and again, whether it's Obama in the Oval Office or someone else – Republican, Democrat or whoever – it doesn't matter.

Other groups are fighting to make the political discrimination practiced by the IRS punished as a "felony" – but here's the thing…

It's only a "felony" if the perpetrators get convicted; it will ultimately come out that there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of actual cases involved in Obama's political abuse, and as we all know transparency when it comes to Big Government is NOT in our favor… but what is truly CRIMINAL is the tax slavery of the whole American People under the income tax!

Our only protection is ridding ourselves of the IRS altogether and tearing up the government's blank check when it comes to spending. We must move to the FairTax!


Keep Faith,

Alan Keyes
Americans United for Freedom

auf_akloyallogofinalAlan Keyes has been involved in government, politics and citizen activism since his teens. He is Christian, Catholic, Pro-life and pro-liberty. Alan is sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and the republican form of government it establishes. He upholds and seeks to preserve the sovereignty of the American people and to restore respect for the principles set forth in the American Declaration of Independence.

In light of those principles, Alan believes the top priority of our political life is to restore respect for the existence and authority of the Creator, God and to rebuild the moral conscience and character of the American people on the basis of that respect; For God, Liberty and the Constitution. The content Alan shares on his website Loyal To Liberty is offered in the hope that it will prove helpful to people trying to think through the challenges of faithful citizenship during this time of deep crisis for the republican form of government in the United States.

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